New Labels for our Soaps


We are so excited about our new soap labels.   We hope you like them as much as we do.

I am blessed with a very talented Mother who paints beautifully and was more than willing to help me in the entire process of brain storming, creating, and editing. We created labels for all of our soaps from her paintings, my photography, and a friend who allowed us to use her beautiful goat farm painting. Thank you, Betty Roberts, for all of your hard work, beautiful creations, and assistance with everything.  We are so thrilled to wrap our soaps with these amazing labels!

New Labels from my Mother’s Paintings

As far as how the creative design process went, I basically emailed my Mother a list of our soaps with their ingredients, and she took it from there.  Not only painting these beautiful images, but giving me ideas and advice for all the other labels.

The Lavender Field was the first painting she sent me.  And it’s probably my favorite, along with Summer Garden.  With all of the paintings, I had to do a bit of editing in order for them to fit the dimensions of our soap bands.  I’ve taken photos of them and posted below.








Rosemary Mint


New Labels made from my Photographs

In order to help my Mother out and do some of the labels myself, I used my own photographs and Photoshop for the labels below.  I really wanted to keep the same look she created. So after taking photos of various items and sifting through my landscape photos, I ran my compilations through many Photoshop painting filters to come up with these new labels.


Coffee Scrub


Salty Dog Spa Bar

Shea Butter - Unscented




The Goat Milk Soap Label
The last labels we needed were for our two Goat Milk soaps. We weren’t sure what to do for this label until a friend came to the rescue.  A couple of years ago, our friend, Linda Dykes, gave us a beautiful painting she created of a small goat farm in Tennessee.  She agreed to allow us to use her painting for our Goat Milk soaps.  Thank you so much, Linda!



Thank you for reading our blog!

Holly :)


4 thoughts on “New Labels for our Soaps

  1. These are absolutely beautiful, as are your soaps! It’s east to see where your artistic talent comes from!!
    I love your packaging… would you be willing to share where you purchased your soap bags from? If not, I totally understand.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Janelle,
      Thank you so much!
      I’d be more than happy to tell you where I get the bags. I searched forever for a reasonably priced cotton drawstring bag and finally ran across a company called PackCo, Inc. They sell different sizes at the lowest prices I’ve found. I use the 4″x6″ and love the quality. Really great customer service, too. Here’s a link to their bags…
      Thank you again for your nice comments! :)


  2. Just showered with Salty Dog Spa Bar. Wow! Great scent, wonderful lather and leaves you squeaky clean. A must have for the summer!


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