Bath Bombs – Recipe with Video

Over the holidays, I decided to create a DIY tutorial video on how I make bath bombs. These fizzy bath treats are a great project and fun to make and give as gifts. I’ve included my favorite recipe and hopefully all the tips and techniques you’ll need to make your own bath bombs.  :)


My preparation includes covering my hair, putting on gloves and a dust mask, and spraying all of my utensils, molds, and bowls with a 95% isopropyl alcohol spray (just to make sure everything is super clean). I always wear a mask while mixing everything together. The dry ingredients in this recipe will kick up a LOT of dust. I also go ahead and grind any coarse ingredients into a powder (like the epsom salts).

My recipe contains a good bit of both solid and liquid oils to help bind and harden the bath bombs. I also add kaolin clay to make them even harder. In my climate, this recipe seems to work really well. I especially love the extra oils in my bath during the dry Winter months. The tub always rinses clean with no residue. However, you can try using less oil and see how it goes. If you do a google search for bath bomb recipes, you’ll find a lot of great ideas and variations.  This recipe makes 8 medium (2.5″) bath bombs, and they need 24 to 48 hours to completely dry and harden.

Baking Soda  –  3 Cups
Citric Acid  –  1–1/2 Cups
Colloidal Oats  –  1/4 Cups
Epsom Salt  –  1/4 Cups
White Kaolin Clay  –  1/4 Cup
Shea Butter  –  1/4 Cup
Cocoa Butter  –  1/4 Cup
Apricot Kernel Oil  –  1/4 Cup
Purple Brazilian Clay  (optional) –  1 teaspoon
Lavender Essential Oil  –  4 to 6 ml 

Be sure to research all of your ingredients and check with your individual supplier for their IFRA maximum skin safe essential oil usage rates.

I’ve provided some links below the video (and a lot more links on my YouTube channel video page) that might be helpful.


The Natural Beauty Workshop – A Guide to Making Bath Bombs

The Soap Queen’s Lavender & Clay Mondo Bath Fizzy 

Modern Soapmaking’s Calculating Your Essential Oil Usage Rate in Soapmaking (& Following IFRA Standards) 

Understanding IFRA Guidelines by Lovin’ Soap Studio

Bath Bomb Tips & Tricks video by Sarah Milroy of Spicy Pinecone

Molding bath bombs video by Sarah Milroy of Spicy Pinecone

There’s also a great book by Kenna Cole of Modern Soapmaking  that you might find helpful  – SMELLGOODS  How to Use Essential Oils in Soap and Skincare

Thank you so much for reading my post and watching the video!



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