Soap Video: Pink Clay Salt Soap Remake

042020_44054wpHi everyone! I hope you all are doing well and hanging in there! ❤️
I just posted a video on a new version of my pink grapefruit scented salt bars. My original video on this soap was posted about 5 years ago. Can’t believe it was that long ago! This time I used an extra fine Himalayan salt instead of fine white sea salt and pink clay throughout the bar instead of just the swirl on top.  Thank you so much for watching!

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Clamshell Swirl Soap | Soap Challenge Club

032020_43755entry For this month’s Soap Challenge Club, we learned a fun technique called the clamshell swirl.  The Challenge Club is hosted by Amy Warden, and our guest instructor was Teri of Tree Marie Soapworks.  Teri makes really beautiful soaps and also has a YouTube channel where she uploads amazing videos. She did such a wonderful job teaching us the clamshell technique that I couldn’t seem to stop trying it.  I’ll talk about some of those attempts here, and I also made a video about my entry soap (linked at the very bottom of the post), in case you’d like to see that, too.  :) Continue reading