Diagonal Clay Soap Video

My latest video on how I made this spring themed pink & green clay diagonal soap. :)

Essential oil blend that I used for the fragrance:
Lavender – 33%
Bergamot – 25%
Lavandin – 15%
Geranium – 8%
Litsea Cubeba – 8%
Patchouli – 5%
Eucalyptus – 2%
Rosemary – 2%
Peppermint – 2%

Thank you for reading my post and watching my video!


2 thoughts on “Diagonal Clay Soap Video

  1. Hello Holly,
    I learn so much about natural colorants (esp. clays) watching your soaping work.Followed by indigo secrets and rhubarb! I sincerely appreciate your sharing your soaping knowledge and skills. They inspire me to keep trying to become a “natural” soaper – lol.

    Have you used the Brambleberry Brazilian Clay collection (pink, purple, yellow, red, and natural)? Would you mind doing a “tutorial” of sorts to help us learn how to start with a set of different colored clays – using your own intuitive design?


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