Video: Coffee Glycerin River Soap

022019_33231wpI finally finished editing my coffee glycerin river soap video. These soaps were two of my attempts at the 2019 Soap Challenge Club (intentional glycerin rivers). If you’re interested, I have another post here that includes my entire process, recipe, and all of the fails. I hope you enjoy the video! :)




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Coffee Cocoa Soap with Glycerin Rivers

022019_33190wp2.jpgThe February Soap Challenge Club involved creating intentional glycerin rivers in a batch of soap. Auntie Clara was our guest instructor this month. She’s written several posts explaining the science behind these rivers and has tackled several myths about them, as well. Auntie Clara also explains how you can create (or avoid) them in your own soaps. Besides describing the awesome science behind these rivers, Auntie Clara has created some of the most beautiful soaps with glycerin river swirls.

For the challenge, we had a choice of entering the regular category (glycerin rivers throughout the bar) or the advanced category (glycerin rivers in only part of the bar). Since I’ve had accidental glycerin rivers occur in parts of my soaps over the years, I thought I’d give the advanced category a try. I had no idea my previous accidental glycerin rivers would be so difficult to replicate. Let’s just say my overly confident attitude led to plenty of fails. If you’d like to see how I finally came up with a soap to enter and also see my fails, just keep reading. I filmed my process but haven’t yet had time to edit. I’ll hopefully be posting the video next week. :) Continue reading

100 Percent Shea Butter Soap

012019_32840wp-e1549407121478.jpgAfter making a batch of 100% coconut oil soap, I decided to try another single oil soap just for fun.  I picked shea butter, mainly because I really like it. However, being considered a hard oil, I wasn’t sure how this soap would behave while mixing or how it would perform as soap. I was a bit surprised by both. I made a short video of my process including a lather test.  :) Continue reading

Coconut Oil Cold Process Soap

6AE332AE-2EB0-46A9-8A13-6BAC75A56984Over the past year, I’ve had several requests to create a coconut oil soap video. This was actually my first attempt at creating a 100% coconut oil soap. I’m actually not a big fan of using a high percentage of coconut oil due to my dry skin issues. However, I used a high super fat to counter that effect and managed to keep this batch from overheating. If you’d like more information, just keep reading for more details and the video. :) Continue reading