Video: In-the-Pot Swirl Soap Making | Acrylic Mold Review

Custom Craft Tools recently sent me an acrylic mold to try out and review. I decided to make a soap with a single layer on bottom and an in-the-pot swirl on top. I really enjoyed using this well-built mold. I especially liked being able to see the swirl as I poured the soap.  :)


Thank you for reading my post & watching the video!



Brush Embroidery Soap Making | Soap Challenge Club

082019_41234wp2The brush embroidery technique was the focus of this month’s Soap Challenge Club. Brush embroidery is actually a cake decorating technique that has been adapted for soap making. I watched a lot of videos by cookie and cake decorators. It’s amazing what they can do with icing. After finding some inspiration, I decided that I really wanted to use 2 colors to decorate the soap like a cake – on 5 sides – allowing my design to flow around the soap. Well, I didn’t quite get all 5 sides done, but I was able to do at least 3 sides and managed 4 sides on one soap. I colored the soap using an oil replacement of woad infused olive oil and used titanium dioxide and indigo root for my two brush embroidery colors.  :)

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