Coconut Oil Cold Process Soap

6AE332AE-2EB0-46A9-8A13-6BAC75A56984Over the past year, I’ve had several requests to create a coconut oil soap video. This was actually my first attempt at creating a 100% coconut oil soap. I’m actually not a big fan of using a high percentage of coconut oil due to my dry skin issues. However, I used a high super fat to counter that effect and managed to keep this batch from overheating. If you’d like more information, just keep reading for more details and the video. :) Continue reading


Rainy Day Mini Drop Swirl Soap

092018_31746-entryThe Soap Challenge Club is finally back and just as fun, educational, and challenging as ever. The September 2018 challenge was to create a mini drop swirl. If entering the advanced category, soap makers were to suspend drops of soap inside the base soap. After watching the instructional videos, I decided to attempt a soap that reminded me of a rainy day, with clouds above, raindrops falling, and a bluish, dark sky for the background. In my first attempt, the rain drops and ombre sky actually looked okay, but the top mini drop swirl part was lacking the drop…and the swirl. I only had time for one more batch and ended up with the soap you see here. The little drops were really fun to make, and I’ll definitely incorporate them into more soaps in the future. In my post below, I go into more detail about my recipe, my thin base batter causing a cool effect with the drops, and show more photos of the finished bars. I also made a video in case you’d like to see my entire process. :) Continue reading

Confetti Soap

072018_30534wp-e1532726515110.jpgOf all the requests I’ve had on my YouTube channel and blog, creating a soap using my scraps has to be one of the most frequent. I’ve been thinking on it for a long time, trying to come up with some original creative soap using all the bits of leftover soap I’ve accumulated. Unfortunately, the only thing I could think of was a gradient confetti soap. It sort of worked. The one thing I did manage successfully was to prevent gel phase and create the whitest soap I’ve ever made. Very exciting! Well, it is to me, anyway. ;)  If you just can’t wait to hear more, keep reading.  Oh, there’s also a 5 minute video documenting the whole thing. :) Continue reading

Charcoal & Clay Cold Process Soap


I recently had a request from one of my friends to make a charcoal and clay soap. I decided to try and create an old design of mine from a soap challenge where I used dividers and a hanger swirl. Well, I thought I did everything exactly the same way, but that’s the way it goes in soap making. Trying to recreate a swirl (especially one that was an accident in the first place) is almost impossible. Not that I’m giving up. :)  If you’d like the recipe or want to see the video I made, just keep reading. Continue reading

A Simple CP Soap in a Milk Carton Mold

042018_26000wpThe very first soap I ever made was a 3-oil cold process soap scented with a little lavender essential oil. I purchased the oils from the grocery store and used a ziplock food storage container for the mold. I cut the soap into little rectangles and patiently waited a few weeks to try it. I was so excited about making soap. Years later, I still am. :)

I get a lot of requests to make a simple soap. I thought I would remake one of the first batches I ever made. I even created a little quart milk carton mold like I did for most of my early batches. I made a video about my whole process that includes what a light to medium trace looks like to me. Continue reading