Ombre Wall Pour Soap

062017_21359wp3During the Ombre Great Cakes Soap Challenge, I made an extra batch and filmed the process.  I created a really short video on how I made the soap. :) Continue reading


Intaglio Soap Carving

082017_22348wpThis month’s Great Cakes Soap Challenge involved learning a carving technique called intaglio (pronounced in-tal-yoh). Intaglio is defined as an engraving or incised figure in stone or other hard material. We had to apply this technique to bars of soap, carving a design into each bar. For my design, I decided to create a little landscape using various colors and carving small details into the tree and road. Carving away the top layer of soap to reveal the colors underneath was a lot of fun. :)

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Indigo Ombre Soap


062017_21328entry-wpThis month, the goal for the Great Cakes Soap Challenge was to create an ombre colored soap. I decided to attempt this by using a soap pouring technique I’ve never tried before – the column pour. I wasn’t really sure how this would turn out, but I’ve always wanted to try a column pour. I cut the soap two different ways (horizontal & vertical) which resulted in soaps from the same batch that look completely different. :) Continue reading

Secret Feather Swirl using Dividers

032017_20946wpI finally finished the video for my other secret feather swirl soap. I made this soap for the Great Cakes Soap Challenge a couple of months ago. Unlike the feather swirl soaps I’ve made in the past with a more diagonal, wispy look, this time I used dividers. If you’d like to see more details and watch my video, just keep reading.  :)  Continue reading

Egg & Calendula Shampoo Bar

042017_21025wpIn the Great Cakes Soap Challenge this month, we were asked to create a rustic soap with packaging. What seemed like a simple and straightforward task at first has ended up being one of the hardest challenges for me. I almost didn’t make a soap, but then my chickens gave me an idea. So with their help, some favorite flowers, lard from a local farmer, and a few of my photographs, I created my interpretation of a rustic soap.  :)

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