Video: Woad Infused Oil for Soap Making

072019_41278wpI made this soap as the base for my attempts at the Soap Challenge Club‘s brush embroidery technique. Because this video contains all of the information on how I made a woad oil infusion and how I used the woad oil to make the soap, I thought I would break up the process into 2 videos. My brush embroidery video will be posted in the next couple of days.  :)

For more information on the recipe (or to see my brush embroidery soaps), you can read my Soap Challenge Club blog post entry HERE.



Thank you so much for reading my post and watching the video!


5 thoughts on “Video: Woad Infused Oil for Soap Making

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  2. Holly,
    I loved it from the get go–watching you make the soap, then painting technique on it!❤
    I was truly touched to realize this could be a great medium for my love of art!
    I’ve finally purchased some Woad powder to try the diffusion & make a soap.
    Blessed by what you do!!


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