Video: Pipe Divider Swirl

The Pipe Divider Swirl technique was created by Tania of Soapish and taught to us this year (and back in 2016) by Amy Warden in the Soap Challenge Club. I missed entering last month’s pipe divider challenge, but it’s one of my favorite swirls to create so I made a video. I actually bought a microphone setup and tried it out with a short voice-over at the beginning. Oh boy! It’s hard hearing your own voice while editing! LOL :)

3 thoughts on “Video: Pipe Divider Swirl

  1. LOVED this video for so many reasons! Firstly, the amazing, beautiful soap! Secondly, we finally got to hear your voice which I think is great for making videos! Why are we our own worst critics? Seriously, your voice has a wonderful tone and pitch for videos, and is very easy and pleasant to listen to! Please editorialize your videos more often! I mean it; I’m not just being nice. I don’t do “just being nice” without meaning it. Just so you know.
    The whole video came together so great for the reasons mentioned above, and also because of the music you chose. It was a meditative experience watching the batter pouring, then the swirling, all to the soothing background music… awesome! Thank you so much for posting this, Holly!


  2. Love watching your videos… so relaxing! Question about the pipes you use… would it be possible to try this technique with cardboard tubes like paper towel tubes, or would they disintegrate? I want to try this out, but don’t want to have to buy pvc and cut it etc. if I don’t absolutely have to 😉.


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