7 thoughts on “Video: Coffee Glycerin River Soap

  1. Those came out so well! I love the color combinations of the two browns, and with the glycerin rivers outlining the pattern, well, it’s an all-around wonderful effect! I imagine the peppermint with the coffee and the cocoa makes for a very nice scent experience, too, yes? Or does one not smell much of the coffee and cocoa in there? Either way, it is a beautiful soap! Thank you for sharing… always appreciated!


  2. Wow, such beautiful soap! You make it look so easy! I love the all natural ingredients you use. Your videos are so soothing to watch, too. You always do such a beautiful job creating them.


  3. I am Rajesh from India.
    I am thinking of starting a project for rural youth by imparting them knowledge to make organic soaps and candles so as empower them to create
    an earning potential for their survival.can you help??huh


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