Indigo & Paprika Cosmic Wave Soap

112016_20420b-wpThis month’s Great Cakes Soap Challenge involved learning a new technique called the Cosmic Wave. My entry soap is from my third attempt at this challenge.  With each batch, I learned a lot about what I was doing wrong and how I might improve. From the consistency of the soap to how much soap I poured at once and how fast, all the little technical details really mattered if a cosmic wave was to be achieved. It was so satisfying when I finally created some cosmic waves in my last batch. The creator of the Cosmic Wave and our instructor for this challenge was Tatsiana Serko of Creative Soaps by Steso.  Tatsiana is so talented and makes the most amazing and beautiful soaps.  Keep reading if you’d like to learn a little more about my attempts at Tatsiana’s Cosmic Wave technique.  I also created a video.  :) Continue reading

Rainbow Soap – Sculpted Layers Technique


I finally finished the video for my Rainbow Soap that I made using the sculpted layers technique. The method of sculpting layers was created by Claudia Carpenter of Om Nom Soaps and was the challenge in Amy Warden’s June 2016 Great Cakes Soap Challenge where Claudia was the guest teacher. I was unable to get my soap done in time to enter, but I wanted to post my video anyway. You can see all the amazing winners here.  Keep reading if you’d like to see my video.  :) Continue reading

Testing New Herbs, Spices, & Clays in Cold Process Soap

IMG_0266-KMI decided to try out some new herbs, spices, and clays. It seems that with every swirl I want to try or every soap challenge I enter, I’m stuck using the same natural colors I’ve always used – indigo, charcoal, paprika, cocoa, walnut hull, and a variety of clays. But after so many orange and blue or black and white soaps, I’m beginning to get a bit bored. Lots of people already have great blogs and information on most of these, but it’s always a good idea to test and figure out how they work in your own soap. I ended up with some great new ideas and one soap with a cool looking alien spider swirl. :) Continue reading