Rainbow Soap – Sculpted Layers Technique


I finally finished the video for my Rainbow Soap that I made using the sculpted layers technique. The method of sculpting layers was created by Claudia Carpenter of Om Nom Soaps and was the challenge in Amy Warden’s June 2016 Great Cakes Soap Challenge where Claudia was the guest teacher. I was unable to get my soap done in time to enter, but I wanted to post my video anyway. You can see all the amazing winners here.  Keep reading if you’d like to see my video.  :)

This is probably one of the hardest and most time consuming soaps I’ve ever made. I really should have done a very simple 4 layer soap instead of attempting so many layers. And because this was my first attempt at this kind of soap, I made way too much. I did save the extra soap though and will be using it for confetti soap and other projects.

In order to sculpt the soap, each layer is either brought to a thicker trace and/or has clay added that causes the soap to thicken quickly after pouring (you’ll see me do it both ways in the video depending on what kind of layer I’m pouring).


Drawing & Creating Shapers:  00:15
Layer 1 – Sky above Clouds:  01:19
Layer 2 – Clouds:  02:43
Layer 3 – Sky below Clouds:  03:23
Layer 4 – Rainbow:  04:22
Layer 5 – Grass:  07:28
Cutting & Final Pics:  08:07

I can’t believe I misspelled Claudia’s name at the very beginning of the video.  After checking it and rechecking it over and over, I still missed something.  Oh well, at least I spelled it correctly everywhere else and got her link correct.  :)


Thank you for reading my post!


13 thoughts on “Rainbow Soap – Sculpted Layers Technique

  1. I loved watching every second! It is so relaxing. Amazing how you developed such beautiful colors using all natural ingredients.


  2. I just love watching your videos! Although labor intensive, it is amazing and so entertaining! The music is so relaxing. Beautiful work!


  3. Holly:
    Thank You SO much for making this video – it was nicely done and your soap turned out beautiful!
    I love your work with clay’s and getting your colors so vibrant. That is an area I need to learn more about.
    I would never have the patience to do something like this…unless maybe soap sold for $50 a bar. That might be a slight incentive ;-0


    • Sly, thank you so much! And thanks for your sweet comments. I don’t think I’ll ever have the patience to make it again. Unless, like you said, I could get $50 a bar. Then I could probably find the motivation. Haha. :)


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