Moringa & Indigo Clyde Slide – Soap Challenge Club September 2015


The soap challenge this month involved learning a technique created by Clyde Yoshida of VibrantSoap called the Clyde Slide. I think this is probably my favorite challenge so far, mainly because it introduced me to Clyde’s YouTube channel. From the color tutorials he provides to the various pouring and swirling techniques he uses and the wonderful way he explains everything, I just couldn’t stop watching his videos. I tend to have a hard time with the creative part of soap making, because I’m so left-brained. But after watching Clyde’s videos, I bought myself a color wheel and even got a water color set to help me coordinate colors in the future. My entry doesn’t have all of the beautiful feathering like Clyde’s soaps, but it was a lot of fun trying the Clyde Slide technique. :) Continue reading

Mantra Marble – Soap Challenge Club Entry


Hands down, this was one of the most accident prone weeks I’ve ever had in the history of me making soap. Man. Alive. Knocking over whole tiny cups of colors was one thing, but then I dropped 2 squeeze bottles of soap as I was about to screw on the tops. Who knew soap could flow out of a squeeze bottle that fast. But I still had a lot of fun learning this technique. :) Continue reading

Making and Cutting our Spa Bar – Cold Process Soap – Recipe – Video

My Salty Dog Spa Bar soap is named after the famous “Salty Dog” cocktail.  This soap really has amazing lather, gentle exfoliation from the sea salt, and a refreshing scent of grapefruit. In case you don’t know, Salty Dog cocktails are made with a lot of salt and grapefruit juice. I thought this would be a fun video to make and also wanted to share my recipe. I just finished publishing the video to my YouTube channel. I’ve included the recipe and a link to my video in this post.  :)

Salty Dog Spa Bar

Salty Dog Spa Bar – The name for this soap came from my Grandmother’s favorite cocktail

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