Mantra Marble – Soap Challenge Club Entry


Hands down, this was one of the most accident prone weeks I’ve ever had in the history of me making soap. Man. Alive. Knocking over whole tiny cups of colors was one thing, but then I dropped 2 squeeze bottles of soap as I was about to screw on the tops. Who knew soap could flow out of a squeeze bottle that fast. But I still had a lot of fun learning this technique. :)

For this month’s soap challenge club, I used a very slow moving recipe and the nonpareil Mantra Marbles method to create my entry. For my colors, I used activated charcoal, indigo powder, cocoa powder, and kaolin clay with a Rosemary Peppermint essential oil blend.

Here’s a quick video of how I made this soap…

082015_1501scc  082015_1517scc

Thanks for reading my post!


24 thoughts on “Mantra Marble – Soap Challenge Club Entry

  1. AWESOME – I use only natural colors as well and love seeing what you did. I would have been nervous about using only dark colors for the marbling, but the white from the center section accented it beautifully! Well done.


  2. I thought maybe we were going to see color cups and soap go flying in your video, but I’m glad you were able to create a completely successful batch for your entry soap! :) It turned out really pretty! I’m still in love with all the beautiful colors you can achieve with natural colorants!


    • Thank you, Amy! I do have video of me gasping and soap going everywhere when I knocked over both bottles in my first attempts. I should have made a blooper reel at the end! Haha.


  3. They spread out their soaps, I congratulate them … I have been making soaps for 2 years and I always want to make them with natural colors in infusions. Although many do not get them here and I have to import them from the USA from the Bramble Berry store. Do you have a book on natural colorants in cold process soap?


  4. Thank you for sharing your techniques. I’m starting in this world of making soaps and I really love it. My daughter is teaching me and she told me to see the videos so I could learn more. I live in Puerto Rico and I will like to know where to buy this mold that you use in this video. Thank you 🌻


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