Indigo Shimmy – Soap Challenge Club Entry

The soap challenge this month involved learning a fun new technique called the Tall & Skinny Shimmy. In my first attempt at this technique, the soap got a bit too thick on me. And thick soap just doesn’t shimmy. In my second attempt, I used natural colorants and essential oils that were more conducive to a slow trace along with a really slow tracing recipe. :)

Olive Oil – 42%
Sunflower Oil – 10%
Coconut Oil – 25%
Organic Sustainable Palm Oil – 15%
Avocado Oil – 5%
Castor Oil – 3%

I used varying amounts of Indigo Root powder mixed with Indigo infused Olive Oil to achieve various shades of blue. I also added a bit of Activated Charcoal to one of the blues to get a darker navy blue. The first part of my video (below) shows how I mixed the colors.

I made a video of my entire process, from mixing the colors to cutting the soap. Instead of pouring solid colors all at once, I decided to attempt a layered color shimmy using different shades of blue.

112015_17887wp 112015_17901wp
Here’s a photo of my first failed attempt at the Tall & Skinny Shimmy using Moringa powder, Indigo root powder, and activated charcoal.

Thank you for reading my post!

43 thoughts on “Indigo Shimmy – Soap Challenge Club Entry

  1. Wow, Holly. If we weren’t doing a shimmy design, your first soap would have been pretty amazing as well! Love your choice of colors and the layered shimmy design ended up absolutely amazing!!


  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this – not only is your soap GORGEOUS but, hey sister – I have been struggling with natural blues.
    I, too, tried a version of this challenge using only natural blues (woad and indigo) and got…gray (though to be fair, the pattern was interesting).
    You’re use of color and design is INSPIRED!


  3. i like this indigo shimmy soap. i wanna know why you mix those natural powder with botanical oils.
    is that a better way to darken those powder ?


  4. why didn’t you just add those powders into the liquid? that’s also could dye it.
    does it a good way to have some bright colours to mix powders with some oils than just purely add some powders into soap liquid?
    i also want to do the handmade soap but i didn’t know we also could mix powders with oils to get a better colours.
    i’m come from eastern country and i’m stunned the way you did it cause i bought a lot of handmade soap failed to discover those amazing transformation swirl soap tips just as you did it. even though there’s some swirl soap videos from Taiwan in youtube, it’s just not as good as yours.


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