Rose Clay Feather Swirl with Hearts on Top

012018_23701-2wp.jpgLast year, one of my friends requested a Valentine’s Day themed soap. We eventually decided on this simple rose clay feather swirl soap with hearts on top. I made the soap again this year but used a slightly different essential oil blend (actually my favorite blend ever). I also made a video on how I created this soap. If you’d like to watch the video or see the recipe, just keep reading.  :) 


Note: If you’re a beginner or want to learn more about soap making, check out these helpful videos:
Soap Queen TV – LYE SAFETY:
Amanda Aaron of Lovin’ Soap – BEGINNER SERIES:

Olive Oil – 30%
Coconut Oil – 25%
Shea Butter – 20%
Cocoa Butter – 8%
Avocado Oil – 6%
Castor Oil – 6%
Sunflower Oil – High Oleic – 5%

Soaped at 90ºF

Superfat – 6%

Lye & Water – use a soap calculator like the one at Majestic Mountain Sage

I used a 33% lye solution (water = 2 x lye)
If you don’t want to discount your water, use a 31% lye solution (water = 2.2 x lye)

Kaolin Clay – 2 teaspoons per pound of oil in recipe

Rose Clay for Swirl – mix 3 teaspoons with distilled water (just enough to hydrate the clay). I use 1.5 teaspoons of the hydrated clay per cup of soap.

Essential Oil Blend – this blend ages so well in soap. It’s my absolute favorite.
Lavender – 2 parts
Bergamot – 1 part
Patchouli – 0.5 parts


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Thank you so much for reading my post!


7 thoughts on “Rose Clay Feather Swirl with Hearts on Top

  1. Holly
    Wonderful blog and video – I’ve never done a Feather swirl and am inspired to try it sometime! Thanks for sharing your essential oil blend too – it sounds nice!!
    Thank you so much for sharing this.


  2. Beautiful soap, Holly! Thank you for the tutorial! I am wondering why the superfat is so high? Generally I find when the superfat is that high (when I don’t use a high coconut oil %), that it leaves my hands feeling kind of oily or sticky when rinsing the soap. Is there something I am not seeing in the recipe that requires that high a superfat, or is it just something you personally prefer? I am looking forward to making this! The EO combination sounds very promising as well! Thank you again – I always appreciate your tutorials!


    • Thank you, Annie! I always use a 5% or 6% superfat. I’ve never experienced an oily or sticky feeling with the soaps, even with my occasional 8% superfat soap that I make for a specific customer. The 5% and 6% is just what I’ve always done. Thanks for asking and for reading my post! :)


  3. Beautiful soap Holly,
    I just found you and thank you for sharing, i just start to learn to make soaps, I will try to do… see whether i can make the same ha ha ha, I would love you to know where do you get your soap mold and your cutter, Please.


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