Reverse Feather Swirl Video – Lavender Mint

022016_18146b-wpMy goal was to create a stem of lavender in each bar of soap using the reverse feather swirl. I used herb infused olive oil for the colors and a gear tie for the swirling tool. Keep reading if you’d like to see the video. :)

Olive Oil – 35%
Coconut Oil – 25%
Organic Sustainable Palm Oil – 25%
Avocado Oil – 8%
Castor Oil – 7%

If you would rather use a palm free recipe, I’ve since created this same effect by replacing the Palm oil with Shea Butter (15%) and Cocoa Butter (7%) and adding a bit more Olive oil (3%).

To create the colors, I added about 1 tsp infused oil per cup of soap.

Essential Oils – Lavender – 4 parts, Peppermint – 1 part

Superfat – 6%

You can calculate your water and lye amounts by using a soap calculator like the one at Majestic Mountain Sage.



For more information on creating a tree swirl (reverse feather swirl) in cold process soap, you can check out these awesome tutorials and videos:
Soap Queen Christmas Tree Tutorial –
Tree Swirl by Jenny Rose of I’d Lather Be Soaping –

Thank you for reading my post!

6 thoughts on “Reverse Feather Swirl Video – Lavender Mint

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  2. What a beautiful soap!! I noticed that you used coconut milk but its not in the recipe. Do you mind sharing how much you added? Thanks!!


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