Feather Swirls in Cold Process Soap

032017_20938wpThe Great Cakes Soap Challenge this month was to create a feather swirl in cold process soap. We could make either a reverse feather swirl or a secret feather swirl or both. I decided to do both and intended to enter the natural category. Intended is the key word here. I actually made the soap in time but still managed to miss the challenge deadline. Where does the time go?  Oh well, it was still a lot of fun and gave me an excuse to make a video.  :)

I previously used the reverse feather swirl in two soaps last year. One was to create a tree in my Winter Wonderland Soap, and the other was to create a diagonal stem with leaves in my Lavender Mint Soap. So with this challenge, I really wanted to do both the secret and reverse feather swirls in the same soap.

In my first two attempts, I tried to use both feather swirl techniques to create a wreath inside the soap. I got close but not close enough. They sure do smell good though. I used Lavender and Bergamot essential oils (recipe below). I think it’s my new favorite blend.

032017_20855wp    032017_20858wp

In my 3rd attempt, I decided to do a blue diagonal secret feather swirl on one side and a green reverse feather swirl on the other side. This would have been my entry for the soap challenge this month in the natural category. I used blue and green indigo powders to color the soap. I tried the technique in the Great Cakes Soapworks blog post (How to Use Indigo to Color Cold Process Soap) where Amy dissolves Botanical Colors Organic Indigo Powder in a little oil. Well, that worked perfectly! And it only took a very small amount to get a dark blue. After going through gel phase, the blue was even darker. I tried the same technique with the green indigo powder, but it was stubborn and left specks in my first attempt. For my entry soap below, I used green indigo powder infused sunflower oil.


Olive Oil – 40%
Coconut Oil – 25%
Organic Sustainable Palm Oil – 20%
Avocado Oil – 6%
Sunflower Oil – High Oleic – 5%
Castor Oil – 4%

For a palm free version, I replace the palm oil with 15% shea butter and 5% cocoa butter. Last year, I made a reverse feather swirl soap using the palm free recipe, and it worked perfectly.

Superfat – 6%

Lye solution – 33% (water = 2 x lye)

Blue Indigo Powder – mixed 1/2 teaspoon into about 1.5 teaspoons sunflower oil and let sit for 8 hours. I used 1/4 teaspoon indigo oil per 1/2 cup of soap, but I could have used even less.

Green Indigo Powder – infused sunflower oil with green indigo powder.  I used 1.5 teaspoons of the infused oil per 1/2 cup of soap.

Essential Oil Blend:
Lavender – 2 parts
Bergamot – 1 part
Patchouli – 0.5 parts

Kaolin Clay – 2 teaspoons per 500g oils


I made one last attempt at a secret feather swirl using dividers. It was the first time I had tried this method with dividers, and I was really pleased at how the soap turned out. I’ll be posting a video of this soap in the next few weeks.


Good luck to all the entries in this month’s soap challenge!

Thank you for reading my post!


13 thoughts on “Feather Swirls in Cold Process Soap

  1. These are all Exquisite Holly!! You would have won 1st place for sure!
    (Not entering into the competition gave someone else a chance to win for a change!! Ha! Ha! ;-)
    Your soaps are always so, so beautiful!
    Thanks for the wonderful video!


  2. beautiful job when I saw your soap picture I thought I didn’t see that! I really enjoy reading the blogs and the processes of the group when I can. Love you soap nice blog too with video too. I enjoyed seeing both the green and blue indigo… thank you for sharing


  3. Hi Holly! Excellent video and beautiful soaps. You did an amazing job and the finished soaps are so delicate and pretty. You won me over : ) Very inspiring…thanks so much for sharing your lovely artisan soap skills.


  4. Wow Holly! Beautiful soaps…I would have voted for any one of them. Very clean lines and designs! Love your work :)


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